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Member Services

Reports and Information

The Association circulates briefing information to members in the form of regular Newsletters, minutes and reports of meetings. Information is supplied on market information, including UK postal traffic and reports on imports and export volumes. An annual market value and volume survey is carried out which is distributed to participating members. Ad hoc surveys are carried out as agreed by the Executive Committee. Relevant information received from sources such as the CBI, British and European Standards and Postal Authorities is circulated.


The Association represents the interests of members by monitoring and trying to minimise the negative impact of legislation and regulations. This activity covers a wide range of Government initiatives in areas as diverse as environmental compliance requirements, health and safety initiatives or possible restrictions on direct mail.

The impact of European legislation is increasingly of concern to members and in this area EMMSA monitors activity together with other organisations, particularly FEPE, CBI and other Trade Associations, and will then provide an input to represent the views of members.

Postal Affairs

The Association has consistently been actively involved in postal affairs and business prospects for members are very dependent upon having a strong postal service delivering a high level of service at competitive prices. We are therefore committed to working closely with Royal Mail and hope that their efforts to improve service and profitability are successful.

The Association is a member of the Postal Business Partnership participating in meetings regularly with both Royal Mail and Royal Mail International. Working Groups of EMMSA members also meet regularly with Royal Mail and this includes specific meetings with the Technical and Research staff.

The Association participates fully in the consultation process developed by both Postcomm, the regulator of Postal Services, and Postwatch, the Consumer Council for Postal Services. Postwatch has developed regular Trade Association Forum meetings, comprising the major bodies involved in the mailings industry, and the association is fully represented in this group which is proving to be very worthwhile.


The association represents the interests of members on a number of relevant committees of British Standards Institution which includes development of European Standards.

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